Gyms & Leisure Centres

Are you missing out on new gym members because they do not have the time to drive around and walk into every individual gym to see what equipment you have, what size your gym is and what amenities your gym has?

Viewpoint 360 can scan your complete gym. Potential clients can walk through the gym or leisure centre, zoom in on equipment, check out the condition of your amenities, and even see what dumbbell sizes you go up to. Everything a potential client wants to see and right from their computer or even mobile phone. Many clients will only check out one gym or leisure centre and sign up before visiting other premises, this way you will have the opportunity for many more potential clients to see what your centre looks like and increase sales by saving customers time and money by visiting others.

Increase your sign-ups and show clients exactly what your gym, leisure or aquatic centre offers before they even walk in your front door. Provide a full walk-through tour showcasing your equipment and facilities.