Magnolia Garden Pavilion

Magnolia Garden Pavilion, Hatherley Birrell Collection

DateAugust 2017
LocationLaunceston, Tasmania

Experience the ultimate in design-winning accommodation with Hatherley Birrell Collection. New to their collection are two garden pavilion rooms within the heritage gardens of Hatherley House. The pavilions are innovative in design, contemporary, eco-friendly retreats inspired by chinese lanterns. They extend the architectural legacy of Hatherley House using the classical concept of the garden folly from 17th-18th century landscape design.
Open the sliding glass wall and find yourself within the canopy of a 150-year old Magnolia tree. The view is breathtaking. This modern addition to the collection offers a heritage garden experience like no other. Art-filled and completely modern with origami inspired roof form, moon window, large contemporary glass bathroom and private deck with outdoor bath carved from volcanic stone.